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Single Anti Riot Gun - (AKS37/38-40)

Product information

Ammunition: Shoots Both 37/38 mm and 40 mm Ammo

Picatinny Rail: 4 Picatinny Rails on each side of the barrel

Weight: 3,155 Kg (Unloaded)

Barrel Material : Aircraft Aluminium Alloy 7075-T6. Black Anodized Finish

Stock Extended: 765 mm

Stock Shortened: 665 mm

Stock Folded: 455 mm

Packing: Rugget Hard Case With Polyurethane Padding

Power and Energy

The power and energy industry is clubbed together with different industries like fuel, petroleum, gas, coal and nuclear power industries.

The activities carried out in this field are that of utilizing the goods, transportation of goods , knowledge of running machines in order to generate the power resources. We assist our customers in these spheres by providing high-quality services.

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Healthcare Technology

Health technology is a broad term, which includes products, services, knowledge, and skills that improve the quality of our lives.

As the industry continues to shift into the value-based care model, healthcare organizations are looking for the right tools to support the move. And our company is ready to provide them with perfectly working solutions.

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Building Technology

The Construction and Building Technology sector covers all the skilled areas that are related to the construction world.

This sphere includes various methods to use design and technology to create buildings that contribute to a more humane and environmentally responsible built world. Alfa Industries delivers innovative solutions for architectural design strategies.

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